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Email Marketing Tips: What You Can Learn From Goldilocks

Posted by Deborah Young

Email Marketing Tip: A five-sentence email is "just right".We all get way more email than we want or need, so how can we be respectful of our client's inbox and still get the point across with our email marketing? Follow the Goldilocks Rule: Not too short ... Not too long ... Just right.

What's "just right"? Five sentences is long enough not to be rude but short enough not to waste time -- yours or your client's.

Are you using the most powerful method of online lead generation for your business? So, check out this blog post for more email marketing tips. And let us know if this tip helps you reclaim your workday!

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Deborah Young

Deborah is a reformed tennis bum and inbound marketing strategist whose main professional purpose is to support local business owners, experts and entrepreneurs by helping them understand the impact and importance of online marketing. She is one happy camper when she can help clients be more visible on the Internet, increase their own customer base and become more profitable. How can she help you?

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