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Prove the Value of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Posted by Deborah Young

1424-content-marketing-strategy-be-an-assetWhat’s your plan? You heard me. What. Is. Your. Documented. Content marketing strategy? If you don’t have one chances are you’re having a hard time explaining to your boss why you need more budget and/or time to create it.

Continue to shoot from the hip, and you’re likely to join the ranks of the countless failed content-marketing wannabes of the world. Try a new approach, and you just might become your company’s newest marketing rock star.

It’s all about the plan: creation, execution and doumentation.

What are you trying to do?

Just like your website needs a job description, so does your content marketing plan. So, what’s your goal? Do you want to:

  • Increase brand awareness?
  • Nurture existing prospects?
  • Attract more people to your website?
  • Up-Sell customers?
  • Build your list?

Yes, you need to have your goals clear in your mind — but here’s an even more important question:

Does your goal align with a specific outcome that’s part of the current overall business plan?

It better — and here’s why.

You could simply create content for the sake of creating content. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Like it or not, you must concretely demonstrate the value of your content marketing services to the company. And the way to do that is by tying your results to a business goal.

What 7000 Businesses Discovered About Blogging Will things come up along the way that force you to revise the plan? Count on it, but your overall goal remains the same: use your content to help the business achieve its goals.

This objective must always be top of mind because if you do that you’ll always be able to demonstrate the value of your content to the company.

Are you using an integrated system?

In the best of all worlds your company already has an integrated system in place that makes it easy for you to connect the dots between your content marketing strategy and the bottom line. The sad truth is that most businesses don't have that kind of integration in place. If yours doesn't, request a consultation with 1424. We’d be happy to be a sounding board, point out some options you may not know about yet and help you think through what might work best in your situation.

Meanwhile, take a closer look at your company’s business goals for this year and figure out how to make your content an integral part of achieving them.

About Deborah Young

Deborah Young

Deborah is a reformed tennis bum and inbound marketing strategist whose main professional purpose is to support local business owners, experts and entrepreneurs by helping them understand the impact and importance of online marketing. She is one happy camper when she can help clients be more visible on the Internet, increase their own customer base and become more profitable. How can she help you?

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