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Remarketing Solutions: Right for Your Business?

Posted by Deborah Young

1424-remarketing-solutions-001_600x279Did you ever visit a website and afterwards ads for that company started appearing everywhere you go online? That’s Remarketing. It is paid advertising’s way of giving you and your website a second chance with a prospect. On the other hand, sometimes it’s paid advertising’s way of annoying the daylights out of someone who accidentally visited your website. The trick is to not let that happen. 


How does Remarketing work?

In simplest terms, Remarketing is a way for you to reconnect automatically with people who have previously visited your website. You get a do over. A mulligan. But how does it actually work?

It’s a two-step process to get started. First, it’s similar to placing any tracking code, in that you put a “tag” on every page of your website. However, there’s a second step involved. You must also create remarketing lists, which allows you to segment your audience just like you do with your email lists. So, you might want to have a different list for people who visit each of your landing pages. And maybe another list for visitors to your website’s homepage (beware, this might throw you into the "annoying" category with some people).

Lead Generation: Get Found Online and Convert the Right Prospects to Customers Anytime someone visits one of these pages, his or her cookie ID is added to the appropriate list. 

Once you have lists created, you can build paid advertising campaigns with a specific message going to each of your intended audiences.


How do you use it?

Narrow vs Broad. The number of lists you may create is only limited by the number of pages on your website — but creating a list for every single page might be overkill. You probably want to strike a balance between very narrow, focused lists and more broad lists. You can catch a bass if you know the right place to fish, but you’ll catch more fish overall if you throw out a big net.

Sales vs Branding. You also want to think about why you are using this strategy. Are you looking for a bump in sales or do you want to make people more aware of your company? A narrow and targeted list will probably be more effective at generating additional sales while a broader target audience will make more people aware of your brand. 

1424-remarketing-solutions-002_600x400Only you can decide if remarketing solutions are right for your business. You’ll want to consider the same kinds of things before jumping onboard the Remarketing train that you do when considering paid advertising in general. Discover more about how Google remarketing works if you think this strategy might be right for you.


About Deborah Young

Deborah Young

Deborah is a reformed tennis bum and inbound marketing strategist whose main professional purpose is to support local business owners, experts and entrepreneurs by helping them understand the impact and importance of online marketing. She is one happy camper when she can help clients be more visible on the Internet, increase their own customer base and become more profitable. How can she help you?

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