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Social Media Marketing Tips: Stop, Drop, Roll When Your Business Gets A Negative Review

Social Media Marketing Tips: Stop, Drop, Roll When Your Business Gets A Bad ReviewIt can happen to the best of businesses: you wake up one morning to a scathingly bad review on Yelp or some other review site. Your business is your baby, so it doesn't matter whether the review is justified or not -- your first instinct is to defend the baby.

Resist that temptation.

What 7000 Businesses Discovered About Social Media So what DO you do? I ran across a blog post that sums things up in a way that all of us can remember: Stop. Drop. Roll. This works if you find yourself in flames and it works if your business gets a flaming review:

  • Stop before you hit send. Don't respond immediately. Waiting 24 hours can make all the difference.
  • Drop the prideful, defensive and harsh response. Taking the high road is rarely a bad idea.
  • Roll with it. In the end, you can't control the opinions of your clients.

Do these things, address any valid issue raised in the review and keep delivering a quality product or service and you'll be spending very little time addressing bad reviews. And while you're at it, read up on more social media marketing tips from 1424. 


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